Automotive Grade, Made for Halo Dash Cams.


SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity, SD 2.0) Cards are designed to be used in compatible digital cameras, portable music players, camcorders, smart phones, PC's or other consumer applications. SDHC Cards use a FAT32 file system, a specification that was established for applications with higher capacity needs and are especially suitable for high-quality video. The increasing use of high-definition video, high-resolution digital photography and mobile applications demands higher storage capacity and more demanding data transfer rates. Because of this, SDHC cards guarantee a minimum sustained data transfer speed, not a maximum speed.

This Road Angel MicroSD Card has been specifically designed in tandem with Road Angel to work harmoniously with our Halo series DashCams, ensuring super-fast read and write speeds to ensure all data is captured for you, the way you expect.  

Recording hours





4 Hours

8 Hours

16 Hours



3 Hours 

7 Hours

14 Hours



2.5 Hours

6 Hours

8 Hours



2.5 Hours

6 Hours

8 Hours



  • Road Angel microSD C10 U3 32GB w adapter New packaging140x80
  • Suitable for 4K ultra HD video capture
  • UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) for quick transfer of files
  • Read Speed: up to 90MB/Sec
  • Write Speed: up to 45MB/Sec
  • microSD to SD adapter included

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