A BCM-connected module for select Ford vehicles that allows you to flash the OEM lights with a simple press of button.  

The ZW-BCM-FRD is a plug and play unit at the OE BCM (body control module) which allows you to flash the factory lights in 8 different flash patterns. All patterns are selectable using the high-beam lever. The unit can also be triggered via the provided push button or wire trigger for up-fitter trucks. 


  • 8 unique flash patterns
  • Plug & Play
  • Optional: Push button activation, up-fitter wire activation
  • Easy activation using OEM controls

Compatibility - Ford vehicles: 

Model Year
2017 - 2022
F150, Raptor
2015 - 2023
2017 - 2022
F350 2017 - 2022


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