The ZEUS ULTRA 2 features an easy USB connection via a wired CarPlay input, allowing it to provide an unparalleled in-car entertainment experience.

The newly released ZEUS ULTRA 2 brings double storage (128gb) and processing power (8gb) compared with the previous generation. The ULTRA 2 maintains many of the same features that made its predecessor popular.

ZEUS ULTRA 2 features:

  • Access to Google Play Store to download most of your favorite apps
  • 8gb of RAM
  • 128gb of storage
  • Built in HDMI output for rear monitors
  • SIM card port 
  • Micro SD card port to expand memory
  • Split screen function (two apps opened at the same time)
  • Simple usb connection
  • Support 4K video resolution
  • Wired to wireless CarPlay and Android Auto conversion
  • OS Android 13
    NOTE: the vehicle must be equipped with a wired CarPlay input, and must have factory touchscreen. BMW vehicles must use 'ZUES BMW'

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