Marketing ZZ2
ZZ2 has launched 2 new kits dedicated to domestic automobiles, Ford and GM. The ITZ-SYNC2 provides wireless CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility for most Ford and Lincoln models from 2011 to 2016. Following that, ZZ2 officially launched ITZ-MYLINK for GM vehicles, which will replace older hardware, improve connectivity, and streamline integration.
Whether wired or wireless, the ITZ-SYNC2 integrates directly with the factory touchscreen, adding CarPlay and Android Auto support to the outdated SYNC2 system. This application uses the factory microphone and Bluetooth to generate the best possible user experience.
GM vehicles can now benefit from ZZ2's new MYLINK unit, which replaces the previous hardware. With the ITZ-MYLINK, customers will no longer need any external parts or an AUX connection for audio.
"Like most of our other kits, the ITZ-SYNC2 and ITZ-MYLINK now incorporate all factory parts and features to integrate CarPlay and Android Auto, providing an improved user experience for the end user. Every integration solution that we offer is geared toward making the car look and feel as if it already had these features", said Tiago Sperandio, Vp of ZZ2.
Both units are readily available with a standard ZZ2 warranty of 3 years.

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